inf the god

Inf the God is a Hip Hop recording artist from Queens, NY. Born Infinite Hill. His father is a well known barber in Far Rockaway, NY!!

Him being the hood legend that he is, forced his two sons to strive for more. Inf’s older brother chose to “take it to the streets” and it cost him big time. He is now serving fifty years in a New York State prison for murder. Not one to dwell, the Queens MC, InftheGod, focused his attention on turning negatives into postives by uplifting others even outside of rap music. Inf played a little basketball so he chose to connect with the youth. Inf spoke at the local YMCA and Boys&Girls Club about the perils of making bad decisions. His goal was role reversal. To mentally place kids into someone elses shoes and make them realize that there are better/brighter opportunities out there.

What Inf accomplished during these youth programs is the same thing he’s accomplishing with his music. His music is hardhitting,witty,metaphorical, and blatantly honest. The music comes from a solitary place; “ I feel Godly when I’m writing music. All I need is me and the beat. With that, God’s will to create is set into motion.” With Chase Money Entertainment as the vehicle, Inf is currently preparing for the release of his newest project entitled “Fresh out tha Kitchen” Vol.1 The first street single off the twelve song mixtape is called “Elbow Deep.” In addition to providing the hungry and witty sound his fans have become accustomed to, the masterpiece mixtape also showcases his versatility with something for everybody. The latest single is a radio friendly “girl track” listed as “Better 4 You.” With the sweet sounding vocals of a female artist.

Words that summarize InftheGod’s life would be struggle, grind, and dedication. Inf has spent some time in the shadows and is now emerging from the underground trying to show others the light while staying true to himself. As the MC said best, “I chase money…I don’t chase friends.